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I believe the software system that best supports the company’s strategy is the “knowledge base and network” management system. The organizations mission is to “Help Clients Achieve Financial Security over a Lifetime.” The description they give for the path of getting there is as follows: “They want to leverage the traditional strengths of customer relationships, expert advice and strong product value to become the premier company helping clients achieve lifelong financial security. They will add specialists that will enable the traditional life insurance sales force to draw upon product and investment experts as needed to address clients increasing complex financial ...view middle of the document...

They can still leverage their previous strengths but also implement the new strategies to ensure their clients achieve financial security.


I think the best system for MGI is the “Content Management System.” MGI’s mission is to “be the leading provider of high-quality news, entertainment and information in its region by continually building on its position of strength in its region. Its success depends on the synergy of its operations. It needs to coordinate different media in a given market to provide quality information in the way each does best. This requires strong communication, cooperation and coordination among a group of traditionally autonomous, culturally disparate units.” I feel the “Content Management System” speaks to exactly what and how they can accomplish these goals. Under the Financial section of the balanced scorecard, it says MGI wants to optimize asset management. The greatest asset of any organization is its people. Utilizing a content management system will allow employees a single access site where they can contribute and assess material. Within the customer portion of the BSC, MGI wants to “Be THE source of accurate, compelling, relevant content.” With the content management system, all information will be exposed and will allow all employees to weigh in on the validity and accuracy of the material set to be reported. In the Process portion of the BCS, it says they want to...

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