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Computer Lab Plan Essay

4005 words - 17 pages

Computer Lab PlanAssignment One |
Hersh Gulati | 5/27/13
| Project Management |

Computer Lab PlanAssignment One |
Hersh Gulati | 5/27/13
| Project Management |

Executive Summary
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is ranked in the top 500 universities of the world. The university has experienced a significant increase in the number of students enrolling in its Business and Law faculty over the years. Its Business and Management Studies was ranked as one of the top 200 in the world.
As a result, there has been an increasing requirement for using computer systems in all its faculties, including the non-technological subject areas. Due to the growth ...view middle of the document...

Table of Contents
1 Project Overview 5
1.1 Background 5
1.2 Purpose 5
2 Project Scope 5
2.1 Objectives 5
2.2 Deliverables 6
2.2.1 Deliverable 1: Lab Designs 6
2.2.2 Deliverable 2: Two Computer Labs 6
2.3 Technical Requirements 6
2.4 Limits and Exclusions 7
2.5 Project Milestone 8
2.6 Customer Review 8
3 Project Assumptions and Risks 9
3.1 Assumptions 9
3.2 Risks and Risk Mitigation 10
4 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 11
5 Network Diagram 13
6 Resource Details 13
6.1 Human Resources 13
6.2 Equipment 14
7 Budget Details 15
7.1 Task Expenses 15
7.2 Project Expenses 15
8 Project Organisation 16
9 Operating Procedures 16
10 Assessment and Review Standards 17
11 Contact Points and Information Sources 17
11.1 Contact Points 17
11.2 Information Sources 18
12 Project Approvals 18
13 References 19
14 Appendicies 20
14.1 Appendix 1 20
14.2 Appendix 2 21

List of Tables
Table 1: Scope Exclusions 6
Table 2: Limitations 6
Table 3: Milestones 7
Table 4: Risks 10
Table 5: Work Breakdown Structure 11
Table 6: Human Resources 12
Table 7: Equipment 13
Table 8: Task Expenses 14
Table 9: Project Expenses 14
Table 10: Contact Points 17

List of Figures
Figure 1: Milestone Timeline 7
Figure 2: Task Expenses Summary 14

Project Overview
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is ranked as one of the top 500 universities in the world, with its Business and Management school being ranked as one in top 200 (AUT University, 2015). The university has been experiencing a significant increase in the need to use computer systems, even in non-technical subject areas.
Due to the growth envisioned over the next five years, AUT has decided that it needs two new computer labs to accommodate its Business and Management school students.
Project Scope
Project scope defines the outcomes of a project in precise, tangible and quantifiable terms, describing what is expected to be delivered to the customer upon its completion. Detailing it provides the key basics required to create a project plan. The main purpose of a project scope is to specify clear deliverable(s) for the end user, and to emphasize on the project plan(s). Also, it is used by the project team for planning and measuring the project’s success at each milestone. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the customer agrees on stated project objective(s), deliverable(s), technical requirements, limits and exclusions, by conducting scope review(s) with the customer (Larson, 2014). Rest of this section details the various aspects of the project scope for the computer labs project.
The objective of this project is to redesign level seven of WF building, and to replace all its existing classrooms with two computer laboratories. The transformation of the complete seventh floor is to commence by June 30th, 2015, and finish no later than December 23rd, 2015.


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