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Computer Science Essay

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From an early age I’ve always been deeply interested in computing. It was my dad, introducing me to the computer systems at his work place that first sparked this interest. I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know just how computers worked, why they worked and what else they could do.
This interest never left me, only growing more profound and passionate with every new discovery I made. From communicating with an artificial intelligence to seeing the wonders of the Internet for the first time, ...view middle of the document...

My interest in computing has not been restricted to the classroom. Within the last few months I’ve used the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past twelve years to set up my own computer related business. This has given me a totally new perspective on how certain things function, and how business operates. The writing of a business plan was a totally alien experience for me, but over the course of three months I researched and planned, and finally when the plan was complete I was rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that I had completed something that most people would never have the chance to do especially at my age.
As well as spending time both studying and helping to run the business I understand the importance of having time to relax. One of my hobbies that I make time for is fly-fishing. The sport of fly-fishing provides me with a sense of clam and stress relief. I enjoy everything about the sport – the water, the fish, the casting, the gear, and the friends. The sport has helped me to develop a strong attention to detail, preparation, and above all a dedication to study.
I’m looking forward with great anticipation to the challenges that studying for a degree in computer science will bring.

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