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Lesson 16: Site Content and Metadata


Case Study

Sole Search Strategy
The Web site for Fleurs flower shop was appearing in search engines, but its competitors' sites were all ranking above Fleurs in search engine results. Jasmine, the site developer for Fleurs, had read somewhere that the number of times a keyword is used on a page will influence the page's ranking. So she decided to add a page to the site that repeated the word "flowers" 1,000 times. Surely this strategy ...view middle of the document...

Jasmine created the page, posted it to the Fleurs site, linked to the page and submitted it to the major search engines. A couple weeks later, she performed some Web searches to check the ranking for Fleurs. She found that her new "flowers" page failed to appear at all in search engines, and in addition, the entire Fleurs site had actually dropped in ranking on many search engines. Jasmine wondered what she had done wrong. She posted a message asking about her strategy to a Web developers mailing list group. She quickly learned from group members' responses that although it is possible to optimize a site's relevance so search engines can more easily rank it, her strategy actually makes search engines useless, which search engine programmers would never allow and thus take measures to prevent. * * *

As a class, discuss this scenario and answer the following questions. • If Jasmine's trick had worked and all Web developers could employ it, why would it make search engines useless? How would it affect site rankings? How would it affect relevance? What are some valid, productive ways that Jasmine can improve her site's ranking in search engine results?

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