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Concept Questions Chapter 20 Essay

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Concept Question Chapter 20

1. Personal selling involves the two-way flow of communication between a buyer and seller, often in a face-to-face encounter, designed to influence a person’s or group’s purchase decision.
2. What is involved in sales management? Sales management involves planning the selling program and implementing and controlling the personal selling effort of the firm.
1. What is the principal difference between an order taker and an order getter? An order taker processes routine orders or reorders for products that were already sold by the company. An order getter sells in a conventional sense and identifies prospective customers, provides customers with ...view middle of the document...

What three factors are used to structure sales organizations? Geography, customer, and product or service
3. How does emotional intelligence tie to adaptive selling? Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own emotions and the emotions of people with whom one interacts on a daily basis

Discussion and Application Questions

1. Jane Dawson is a new sales representative for the Charles Schwab brokerage firm. In searching for clients, Jane purchased a mailing list of subscribers to The Wall Street Journal and called them all regarding their interest in discount brokerage services. She asked if they have any stocks and if they have a regular broker. Those people without a regular broker were asked their investment needs. Two day later, Jane called back with investment advice and asked if they would like to open an account. Identify each of Jane Dawson’s actions in terms of the personal selling process. Jane’s actions in regards to the personal selling process are prospecting, approach, and follow-up.
2. For the first 50 years of business the Johnson Carpet Company produced carpets for residential use. The sales-force was structured to geographically. In the past five...

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