Conceptualization Of Mass Communication Essay

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Assignment Topic:
Conceptualization of Mass Communication

Introduction to Mass Communication

Institute of Communication Studies
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Introduction to Communication:
When an organization employs a technology as a medium to communicate with a large audience, mass communication is said to have occurred. The professionals at the New York Times (an organization) use printing presses and the newspaper (technology and medium) to reach their readers (a large audience). The writers, producers, filmmakers, and other professionals at the Cartoon Network use various audio and video technologies, satellites, cable television, and home receivers to communicate with ...view middle of the document...

Where different media fall along this continuum depends on the amount of control and involvement people have in the communication process. The telephone, for example (the phone as traditionally understood—not the one you might own that has Internet access, GPS, and some 500 other “killer apps”), sits at one end. It is obviously a communication technology, but one that is most typical of interpersonal communication: At most, a very few people can be involved in communicating at any given time, and they have a great deal of involvement with and control over that communication. The conversation is theirs, and they determine its content.
Definitions by Scholars:
1- “Communication among the human beings is the art of transmitting information ideas and attitudes from one person to another.” by Emery , Ault and Agee (1963)
According to this definition the communication has been declared as an art of delivering and conveying ideas, attitudes and information to other persons which are in contact with you or they surround you. It is art that tells how you convey them the things which you want to convey.
2- “ Communication is a social interaction through symbols and message system.” by Gerbner (1966)
According to this definition by Gerbner the communication needs some tools which could be symbols or which could be messages. It depends upon the requirement. When you are to convey something to the other you must have to identify the tool through which you are conveying the matter of desired message to the target audiences.
3- “Communication is a process by which a person reduces the uncertainty about some state of affairs by the detection of cues which seem to him to be relevant to that state of affair.” By Lewis (1963)
According to the Lewis, the communication has been defined as a process. In this process; if there is any uncertainty about any matter then that uncertainty is reduced through the collection of evidences or cues its delivery to the targeted people.
4- “Communication is the process that makes common to two or several what was the monopoly of one or some.” By Gode (1959)
According to the definition by Gode the communication is a process which opens...

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