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Conducting And Closing Procurements Essay

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Conducting and Closing Procurements
Institution; USIU

Conducting and Closing Procurements
For any project to be implemented, goods and services must be availed to be utilized. This is achieved through procurement whereby interested external suppliers are contracted to provide the goods and services needed. The procurement process ought to be planned in order to establish a formal and working relationship with the external suppliers. At the end of a project the procurement has to be closed and the formal relationship with the external supplier for that project then ends. Project procurement has a number of ...view middle of the document...

Various tools and techniques are use in the process of selection. These include assembly of a bidder conference where interested sellers meet with the buyer before submitting the proposal, use of various proposal evaluation techniques, coming up with independent estimates, use of expert judgement, and use of analytical techniques to identify areas of risk and procurement negotiations for final clarification of the requirements and structure of the contract before signing the contract.
Contracting is the next step whereby the selected supplier is issued with a procurement contract which clearly states the terms and conditions of the contract. With details including delivery dates and modes of payment as negotiated with the supplier.
Control is the step whereby the purchasing department works directly with the supplier to ensure that the terms and conditions of the procurement contract are implemented. The department also receives procured items and ensures that they meet the specifications in the contract. Payment of the supplier is also organized at this step and communication with the supplier regarding procured items is also facilitated at this point.
Measurement is the final step whereby the effectiveness of the process is tested. The performance of the supplier is also measure with regard to the procured items. The procurement plan is assessed for loopholes which can then be corrected immediately or in the next phase.
Contract administration policies and procedures
Contract administration governs the relationship between the supplier and the client for the period when the contract is viable. This entity ensures that the terms and conditions of the contract are followed by both parties and the list of items to be procure is fulfilled by the supplier and the purchasing department makes payments for supplies as agreed between the supplier and the department. It also makes changes to the contract when need arises.
The contract administration principles and procedures indicate that the contract administrator is an employee assigned with the duties of contract administration and is in charge purchasing and supplies. These principles and procedures also indicate that the buyer should remain involved in the activities pertaining to the contract even after the contract has been awarded to promote quality in the procured items. The contract administrator should be aware of their role and what is expected of them in their position as contract administrator. The contract administrator should be familiar with the purchase document once it has been executed and their responsibilities and other contract administration related activities specific to the contract so as to enable the establishment of fundamentals. The contract administrator should understand the provisions of the purchase document and be able to communicate contract obligations to bidders and control contract performance. The buyers should assess whether there is need for a post award...

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