Conflict Of Interest Essay

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1) Introductions

2)Definition of terms

a, career

b, success

c. Career success

d, objective career success

e, subjective career success

3).types of career success

a, objective/extrinsic career success

b, subjective/intrinsic career success

4.contribution of the big five on career success

a, neuroticism

b, extraversion

c, openness to experience

d, agreeableness

e, conscientiousness

5.criticism on theories of career success




Have you ever wondered why some people are very successful in their careers while others are not?

Well, many of the most ...view middle of the document...

Subjective career success

Is Defined by Hughes as an individual's reaction to his or her unfolding career experiences.

Types of career success.

Generally, there are two types of career success;the subjective career success and the objective career success.

The Subjective career success,

is the individual internal apprehension and evaluation of his or her career, across any dimension that are important to that individual.

This is to say people have different career aspirations and place different values on such factors as income, employment securities and the location of work.

It is measured in terms of career satisfaction which are inherent in the job or occupation itself and is dependent on the incumbent subjective evaluation relative to his or her own goals and expectations.

2.objective/extrinsic career success.

In contrast, objective career success, refers to external perspective that delineates more or less tangible indicators of an individual's career situations. These may involve occupation, family situation, mobility, income and job level.

It's worth noting that objective career success reflects shared social understanding rather than distinctive individual understanding.

They are measured in terms of salary and promotions. These refers to outcomes that are both instrumental rewards from the job or occupation and are objectively observable.

Contributions of the big five to career success

Researchers in their review of personality and vocational behaviour research, they highlighted the need to examine personality in relation to career progression and encouraged the use of the big five personality factors structure in this endeavor.

These include ;

1. Neuroticism

2. Extraversion

3. Openness to experience

4. Agreeableness

5. Conscientiousness


Indicates adjustment verse emotional stability. Individuals who score high on neuroticism are characterized by high level of anxiety, hostility, depression and self consciousness.


People on high level of extraversion indicates social ability, warmth, assertiveness and activity where as individuals low on extraversion may be described so reserved, sober, alert, task oriented and introverted.

3.openness and experience.

Is defined in terms of curiosity and the tendency for seeking and appreciating new experience and novel ideas. Individuals low in openness are defined in terms of curiosity and the tendency for seeking and appreciating new experiences and novel ideas. Individuals who score low on openness are characterized as conventional up artistic and narrow in interest


Is one's interpersonal orientation ranging from soft hearted, good natured, trusting and gullible at one extreme to cynical, rude, suspicious, manipulative at the other party.


Indicate the individual degree of organization and dependability and conformity.

Criticism of career success

It is important that although this...

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