Consensual Relationship Agreement Essay

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BUS520 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Dr. Wilkerson
Week 3, Assignment 1
Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study
April 22, 2012
Tiffany Hurt

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1. Organizational Behavior – Hellriegel/Slocum 2011 Custom edition

In my current workplace, I believe that having a Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) in place would be beneficial to the agency. Considering all the training, we now have to take pertaining to sexual harassment, ethics, and security, etc. having the Consensual Relationship Agreement in place could cut down on various lawsuits, and sexual harassment claims filed by employees, saving the agency time and money with investigating employees ...view middle of the document...

Reducing the stress of the employees and allowing them to still be productive in the workplace without having their professional capabilities challenged or questioned by their peers. The Consensual Relationship Agreement is also beneficial for the agency because there isn’t any unnecessary amount of time or money being wasted on lawsuits, or sexual harassment or favoritism claims.
At a certain level in an individuals’ career and life, I seem to think that if a romantic relationship is developed with a coworker in the workplace. If specified guidelines were in place regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior, and communication issues, etc. and determined by human resource personnel which protects the agency and employees, than an agreement such as the Consensual Relationship Agreement could possibly work.
There could be some negative backlash for having a Consensual Relationship Agreement within the agency. It has the ability to create a lack of professionalism and respect amongst management and peers, if there is a subordinate dating an employee. If a manager is dating an employee, this can cause numerous issues in the workplace environment. If the employees in the immediate office become aware of the relationship they might start to think that the boss has been giving the employee favoritism or special treatment such as better projects, and possibly better performance ratings.
It creates an invasion of privacy, pressure on all individuals involved in the relationship and disruption in the workplace and the possibility of office gossip or rumor mill. This will also challenge both the manager and employee’s reputation amongst management and their peers. Creating issues with employees to go against management, possibly causing disruption in the work environment, and interfering with the production of work because some employees are more interested in who’s dating whom. I’m sure that it could be very hard and stressful to maintain a professional appearance amongst management and their peers knowing that there is a romantic relationship with a coworker as well as the risk of having management or another employee find out about the relationship. Some employees might feel that they should file lawsuits against the agency because favoritism is being shown by management to coworkers that sign the Consensual Relationship Agreement.
This agreement might raise some concerns because some employees may feel that it’s an invasion of their privacy and personal lives in the workplace. This could also become a bigger issue if employees were filing claims on sexual harassment, favoritism, etc. because now it would be harder to determine because of the honesty and trustworthiness of all individuals.
The question is “Does the agency have, the time and money to investigate all the claims being filled and more or less, the ability to monitor all the individuals that decided to sign the agreement?” There are at least four ethical principles that come to...

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