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Conservative Dignity Of Few To Modern Flair Of Many

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Philip Scattergood
Serena Potter
ART 100
16 May 2016
Past Conservative Dignity of Few to a Present Modern Flair of Many
Neoclassical residential architecture was mainly evident in the homes of only a few members of society that displayed the dignity of the lives of their owners, a product of Social History. Since then progress in the Arts and modern technology has led to postmodern residential architecture that has flair that many members of society can share in by actually being able to reside there without any particular social standing. New modern thinking and the strength of numbers can facilitate the actualization of architectural projects that may have only been considered by a ...view middle of the document...

204) “. Jefferson actually built a first and a second design for Monticello by the time he was done with the project. “Taking his clues and inspirations wherever he could find them in history or in contemporary experience, he stove to build a house harmonious with human dignity, the same ideal he followed in formulating the philosophy of the government (Adams, p. ix) “. He probably completed his first plans for building in 1767. The mountaintop were the house was planned was cleared and leveled in 1768 and Jefferson was able to move into the completed South Pavilion in 1770. Jefferson traveled to Europe in 1784 and after returning he had his ideas for the second design that ended up being completed from between 1801 and 1808. Chronological information was obtained from the Monticello (House) FAQ section of the website .
The final estate was in the Neo classical style of architecture from what Jefferson ended up choosing from all of the places he had seen in his time in Europe. “The Hôtel de Salm, which Jefferson watched under construction in Paris, was one of the many new buildings that fascinated the architect-statesman. He wrote the Comtesse de Tessé that he was “violently smitten” with it. The Roman style of its French Neoclassicism in rationality of plan and innate dignity appealed to him very much (Adams, p. 90) The estate although completed was not paid for so after Jefferson’s death 1826 his daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph and her son and financial manager, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, ended up selling the entire estate. This was especially sad considering what Adams has said about Monticello, “In its design, history, symbolism, and metaphor, Monticello is the quintessential example of the autobiographical house (Adams, p. 2)”.
Arrival of Postmodern Architecture and New Building Techniques
The United States being a fairly young county in the world has seen a relatively few architectural styles compared much older countries such France, Spain, and Great Britain. It did however end up having schools for architecture and a vast number of successful architects after Jefferson’s time at Monticello. The US and the rest of the world now had postmodern architecture to choose from. With this new style came ideas that needed new technologies and skilled builders to fulfill the designs but we are not as limited in resources as Jefferson was in his time. Architect Frank Gehry used digital computer aided design programs but needed a way to relay the design to a contractor that could actually build it and he found a three-dimensional modeling program called CATIA, which had been developed for the French aerospace industry (Getlein, p. 307).

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