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Conspiracy Theories Of 9/11 Essay

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Conspiracy Theories of September 11th
There is a lot of speculation on who was actually behind what happened on September 11, 2001. On this date one of America's greatest tragedies occurred. In this tragedy, around three thousand people were killed, with a total of six thousand injured. On this day four planes were hijacked; two of them hit the Twin towers in New York city, one hit the Pentagon in Arlington Virginia just outside Washington D.C., and a fourth one crashed in Pennsylvania, the intended destination of that plane is unknown. What happened on this day completely changed the world forever.
The people who have been said to be responsible was a ...view middle of the document...

The put options were sold by people all over the world: people in the United States, England, and Japan. These puts were also bought on some of the World Trade Centers' biggest clients. However, this is not proof that insider trading was taking place, it could simply be the biggest coincidence in the United States stock market history. If this is true, many people benefited financially by the deaths of innocent United States' citizens.("The 11 Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories)
Another point that these conspirators make is that the United States air defense was told to stand down against the hijacked jets. The organization in charge of defending the United States air space is called the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Three months prior to the attacks on September 11, Vice-President Dick Cheney was suddenly put in charge of NORAD, this is the first time ever that a president or vice president was in charge of NORAD (NORAD was founded in 1957). When faced with attacks, such as the one on September 11, NORAD's protocol is to shoot down the hijacked airplanes. *******Even more coincidentally, NORAD had drills where airplanes were hijacked with the idea to crash it into United States buildings. On September 11, NORAD had F-16 fighter jets within minutes of the hijacked planes, and could have intercepted the planes, thus prohibiting the attacks from occurring. There were also press conferences where President Bush states that he was aware that Al-Qaeda had an intense hate for the United States, but the government, and himself, could never imagine the Al-Qaeda's hijacking American airplanes and crashing them into American buildings. *****The conspirators point that how could they not expect them to run airplanes into buildings, when Vice President Dick Cheney's ran NORAD was holding drills where planes were hijacked and threatening to run them into buildings. ("THE TOP 40 -")
A third conspiracy of the September 11th attacks is that planted explosives were the reason the towers fell, not because of the airplanes. Theorists mention that an explosion from the plane and the plane's fuel alone could not generate enough heat to make the support beams of the two towers to disintegrate and collapse. There has also been accounts of scientists claiming to of found explosive materials within the rubble of Ground Zero. Physicist Steven Jones has claimed to have found an explosive called Thermite mixed with wall paint in the ashes of Ground Zero. Thermite is a explosive compound of a metal powder and a metal oxide, which produces an exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction known as a thermite reaction. Thermite has been observed at temperatures over four thousand degrees.
There were also numerous eye witness reports of hearing multiple popping sounds; sounds that sounded like a detonation was going off. Theorists say that this does not make sense because why would there be explosions going off on the bottom floors...

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