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ABSTRACT- The technology have played fundamental role in e-retailing. The e-retailing and online shopping have become possible only because of technology. The rapid changes in consumer’s shopping behaviour and attitude witness the shift in shopping attitude and perception for buying goods of various kinds including inexpensive goods like clothes, watches, sun-glasses or any other household goods and expensive goods viz. kitchen appliances, digital gadget, electronics items or jewellery. Thus the objective of this study is to know attitude and behaviour of consumer towards jewellery items. The study puts light on the jewellery buying behaviour of online shoppers of Lucknow. The study also ...view middle of the document...

The online shopping of jewellery is not very popular in India. Several professional and lead academicians including Suja R. Nair consider jewellery buying behaviour as a complex buying behaviour because of expensiveness. The jewellery also requires a bit expertise or technical knowledge to understand and check whether it is pure as per standard and hallmark or not. This type of buying behaviour creates hesitation in consumer’s mind and restricts them to shop from anywhere. Jewellery buying behaviour being a complex in its nature involves higher risk and hence gives less scope to shop for fun. Online Shopping and Consumer Behaviour Online shopping (also called online buying and Internet shopping/buying) refers to the buying products or services through any web site of company and/or on the internet. The consumer behaviour that is associated with online shopping is similar to the traditional shopping behaviour except the difference of going to market place and evaluating products in physical forms. In online shopping behaviour we need to visit any market space instead of market place and we evaluate the products on computer screen with the help of information motioned thereto. The process consists of five steps similar to those associated with traditional shopping behaviour (Liang and Lai 2000). In the typical online shopping process, when potential consumers recognize a need for some merchandise or service, they go to the Internet and search for need-related information. Literature Review There have been exhaustive studies on online shopping attitudes and behaviour in India in recent years. Most of them have attempted to find out factors motivating or contributing to online shopping attitudes and behaviour. Several researchers have taken different perspectives and focus on different factors in different ways. Case, Burns, and Dick (2001, p.873) suggest that internet knowledge, income, and education level are especially powerful predictors of Internet purchases among university students according to an online survey of 425 U.S. undergraduate and MBA students. Ho and Wu (1999) discover that there are positive relationships between online shopping behaviour and five categories of factors, which include e-stores, logistical support, product characteristics, websites, technological characteristics, information characteristics, and homepage presentation. Schubert and Selz (1999) examine the quality factors of electronic commerce sites in terms of information, agreement, and settlement phases. They also review those factors related to e-commerce community. These studies have all made important contributions to our understanding of the dynamics of online shopping field. Objectives of the Study The objective of this study is to find out the online shopping behaviour for jewellery. The jewellery is always considered an auspicious and valuable product.

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Since jewellery is an expensive item and...

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