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Consumer Behavior Essay

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1. What are the basic strategies available for companies seeking to influence need recognition
There are essentially 3 basic strategies for influencing need recognition. First, one can try to activate a need, such as the dentist who sends patients a card reminding them that it’s time for their annual checkup. Second, one can try to influence the actual state. For example, consumers may misperceive the actual state as being better than it really is. Advertising sometimes seeks to activate need recognition by undermining consumers’ perceptions of the actual state. At other times, it focuses on educating consumers about their actual state, such as when consumers are unaware of some potential ...view middle of the document...

What is your position on this issue? Why?
This argue is quite true because not all the time customers make their decision based on knowledge, process or apparent reasoning. Their decisions are affected by many other factors like depending on high or low involvement or their emotions. For example, a customer tends to buy a TV, but when he/she is at a media mart, based on his/her mood at the moment or the level of persuasion of sales staff, he/she can change his/her decision.
4. Define the terms extended problem solving and limited problem solving. What are the essential differences? What type of decision process would you expect most people to follow in the initial purchase of a new product or brand in each of these categories: toothpaste, flour, men’s cologne, carpeting, toilet tissue, bread, light bulbs, a DVD player, a wedding dress?
When consumers engage in extended decision making, they move diligently through various problem-solving activities in search of the best information that will help them reach a decision....

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