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Consumer Behaviour Mini Project Essay

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Project Report




In the present era of competition the very existence of any business depends upon its customer bank. Customer is the king in present business world. Gone are the days when producer or seller used to rule the business world. Today customer is the main pillar on which any business stands. Due to entry of the MNC's there is cut throat competition in the market. They have already established in urban markets and now rural and suburban areas are the thrust areas.

I have chose "To Study the Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Fairness Creams" to have a deep knowledge of consumer ...view middle of the document...


The following techniques were adopted for data collection
Primary data collected through face to face interviews while filling up questionnaires.
100 RESPONDENTS from the town of THANJAVUR.

Relevant information gathered from magazines, newspapers and project reports that formed the secondary data.

Face to face interviews through questionnaire taken as the communication approach since it are a better method in cases where slight probing is required.



1. To study the current Indian market for fairness creams.
2. To analyze the relationship between a specific brand and its buying behaviour.
3. To assess whether advertising is influencing the buying behaviour of the consumers.
4. To study the impact of the brands of fairness creams on the consumers buying behaviour.


The scope of the study covers almost all categories of fairness creams. The whole appraisal of fairness creams will be angle of customer satisfaction. Any substitutes of fairness creams like soaps or natural products will not be considered. Also fairness creams locally made by the unorganised sector and which are not branded will not be considered.



Personal Details
Name _______________________________________________
Age _________________________________________________
Sex :
Male Female

Graduation Post Graduation
Intermediate Others

Monthly Income [FAMILY]

Less than 8,000 8001-16000
16001-24000 24001 and above

1). Do you use fairness creams?

a. Yes b. No

2). Are you aware of brands available in market? If yes then name few of them:

a. _______________________
b. _______________________
c. _______________________
d. _______________________

3). Give the ranking to following factors that influence your purchase decision
While buying fairness creams?
a). Price b). Quality c). Brand Image
d). Promotional Offers e). Word of mouth f). Availability
g). Ranges available h). Advertisement I). Others

4). Rank these brands on the basis of factor given below:


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