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Consumer Purchase Analysis

434 words - 2 pages

Project #1 – Consumer Purchase Analysis

Due: 27 Oct 15 (submit at start of class)

This requirement is used to bridge the topics of marketing research and consumer behaviour (CB). It is to be completed as an individual effort.

Select a product category (suggestions are listed as follows):

• Frozen dinner/entrée,
• Athletic equipment other than apparel,
• Footwear,
• Electrical appliance, or
• China, crystal, or silverware.

Go to any retail store that sells the product category that you selected. You are to observe the manner in which customers make their purchase decision for the selected product. Spend as much time as you need watching how people approach, look ...view middle of the document...

(dates, times, details, etc. associated with your visits)
• Describe the store (surroundings, how busy was it, who was there, etc.)
• Describe the purchasing behaviour of the consumer(s) who spent the longest time in this process.
o What exactly did the consumer do?
o Where did the consumer locate the product? Did he/she engage in searching?
o Describe the buyer's interaction with the product, the store environment, and other customers.
• Describe the purchasing behaviour of the consumer who spent the least amount of time in this process. Describe the same information as above.
• Now describe the purchasing behaviour of what you believe was the "typical purchaser" you observed. Again, consider the same elements listed above.
• Analyze and explain what you observed.
• Critical Requirement – You must integrate and apply CB theory and knowledge in order to explain behavioural aspects of your observations, and to make recommendations. You must relate what you saw and learned to CB theory. Does this support what you’ve learned from class, the textbook, or other sources of CB/marketing knowledge?
• Is there a way that the store could enhance sales? If so, what would be your recommendations?
• What lessons did you learn?
• Conclusions

It must be emphasized that the aforementioned outline is a guide intended only to steer you in the right direction. This is the minimum informational content that is required. You should consider adding more detail.
Your report may be as long as you deem necessary. It must, however, be well

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