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Contemporary Hospitality Industry Essay

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Contenporary Contemporary Hospitality Industry
Understand the current structure of hospitality industry.
Analyse current scale, scope and diversity of hospitality industry.
The hospitality industry employs seven percent of the working population. In terms of gross value added (GVA) the sector contributed £40.6bn to the UK economy in 2011 or 4.2 percent of the country’s total GVA. In 2012 there were 181,500 individual business sites operating across UK.
Hospitality and tourism is one of the UK’s most diverse sectors all connected to service sector. Besides different size of operations and customers, there are different sub-sectors of the industry:
* Pubs, bars and night clubs
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Average size chain restaurant like Wagamama employs between 20 and 30 members of staff, in proportion 60%/40% front of the house to back of the house. Decision-making authority has been centralized; only day to day restaurant running decisions are left to make for branch managers. All the strategic decisions have been reserved for specialized departments in head office, that’s include any changes in menu, local marketing, or employing new line managers. Narrow span of control with distinction on front of the house and back of the house and head chef reporting directly to GM -not to AGM (see below).

Head Chef and GM reporting directly to Area Manager and Area Head chef support BOH. Please see below structure of head office.

Characteristic of BOH
Highly specialized line chefs and kitchen assistants work in different kitchen sections, e.g. wok/ griddle/ fry/ ramen/ preparation, increasing productivity and efficiency,BOH managers and team leaders provide managerial control and coordination and support.
I think the best way to see the difference between FOH and BOH managers is compare key responsibilities from these areas.
Head Chef /Senior Sous Chefensure excellent levels of communication between the Front of House and Back of House teamsensure that sufficient stocks of all materials are being kept and stored under the correct conditionsensure all health and safety, food safety standards are adhered to company policy
ensure that all staff are constantly trained to effect good portion control and good presentation of dishes
ensure that orders are placed with suppliers, complying with the minimum/maximum stock levels and that no variance above or below these levels takes place
ensure that maintenance problems are promptly reported
ensure all stock levels are managed correctlyresponsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of all back of house areas and storage including correct documentation
ensure all new menus are implemented and correct specs are followed
ensure all correct documentations are kept up to date and followed by companypolicy
liaising with employees, suppliers, area head chef, quality control department, food alert control | General Manager/ FOH manager ensure excellent levels of communication between the Front of House and Back of House teamsensure excellent levels of supervision at all business levels

ensure that staff are recruited and trained on timeensure compliance with company policy, food safety, health and safety matrix/guidelinesensure correct menu and marketing implementation reconciling stock levels
along with head chef ensure staff rotas are done on time ensure customers enquiries and complaints are handled correctly and uploaded to systemensure budgets are managed and agreed forecasting weekly and monthly sales/wages preparing and uploading sales/wages reportsensure statistical and financial records are upload on timeassessing and improving profitabilityensure administration and paperwork are handled...

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