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Cool Essay

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PANJAB UNIVERSITY (CHANDIGARH) NAAC Status : A Grade University with Potential for Excellence in Biomedical Sciences Admission Notice (Academic Session 2013-2014) Applications are invited for admission to the following courses in the Teaching Departments/Regional Centres of the University for the session 2013-2014. Number of seats is given in brackets for each course. Details governing all aspects of admission to various courses, reservation of seats for SC/ST/Physically Handicapped/Sports and other categories are provided in the P.U. Calendar & Handbook of Information and Rules for Admission. All candidates must submit their application forms for admission in the concerned ...view middle of the document...

C.A. No. of Seats 34+5*+2#)(Morning) & (46+6*+2#) (Evening) 20+3*+2# 50+3EWS

Note: Candidates desirous of seeking admission to MCA should apply to the Chairperson, Department of Computer Science& Applications, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Name of Department UCIM UIET Course M.Tech. (Instrumentation) M.Tech. (Microelectronics) No. of Seats 10+3 SC/ST+2* 12+3 SC/ST+2* 10+3 SC/ST+2* 15 Full time+ 5 Part time

Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology M.Tech. Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Dr. S.S.B.UICET M.Tech. Polymer


LL.B. (Three Year Course) LL.M. LL.B. (Three Year Course) LL.B. (Three Year Course) LL.B. (Three Year Course)

202+27* (Morning) & (202) (Evening) 42+4* 50 72+9* (Evening), 58+8*

P.U.S.S.G. R.C., Hoshiarpur PURC, Ludhiana PURC, Muktsar

Note: The candidate seeking admission for LL.B. 3-years degree Course at the P.U. Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana & Muktsar should apply to the Director of the concerned Centre. Name of Department University Business School Centre for Public Health English and Cultural Studies School of Communication Studies Physical Education Course M.Com. (Hons.) Master in Public Health M.A. Master of Journalism and Mass Communication Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.) Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) National Centre for Human Genome Studies & Research DEVS Dr.S.S.B.U.I.C.E.T. Centre for Medical Physics Centre for Microbial Biotechnology Centre for Nuclear Medicine M.Sc. (2-year course) Human Genomics M.Sc. (2-year course) Environment Science M.Sc. (2-year course) Industrial Chemistry 27 17+5 in service candidates+2* 94+15*+6@) 30+5* 28+2* 34+2* 15 20+3* 17 No. of Seats

M.Sc. (2-year course) Medical Physics8+2* M.Sc. (2-year course) Microbial Biotechnology M.Sc. (2-year course) Nuclear Medicine 20+2* 8+2*

Centre for System Biology and M.Sc. (2-year course) System Biology 13+2* Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics Students who have passed B.Sc.(Hons.School) from P.U. are eligible for admission to M.Sc. (Hons.School) in the corresponding subject without taking Entrance Test. Available/additional seats for eligible students for admission to M.Sc. (Hons.School) Ist year in the following subjects, will be on the basis of entrance test (PU-CET-PG): Name of Department Biochemistry Course M.Sc. (Hons. School) Biochemistry No. of Seats 1+4*

Biophysics Biotechnology Botany Chemistry Computer Science & Applications Geology Mathematics Microbiology Physics Physics Zoology M.E. Name of Department Dr. S.S.B.U.I.C.E.T. University Institute of Engineering and Technology

M.Sc. (Hons. School) Biophysics M.Sc. (Hons. School) Biotechnology M.Sc. (Hons. School) Botany M.Sc. (Hons. School) Chemistry M.Sc. (Hons. School) Computer Science & Applications M.Sc. (Hons. School) Geology M.Sc. (Hons. School) Mathematics M.Sc. (Hons. School) Microbiology M.Sc. (Hons. School) Physics M.Sc. (Hons. School)Physics & Electronics M.Sc. (Hons. School) Zoology

3+4* 5+2Sc+2* 25+4* 15+2* 11+2* 2 30+5* 4*...

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