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Corn Subsidies Is Concern Essay

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Corn Subsidies storm has reported a paragraph, due to various pressures, the urgent need for corn reform, the reform of labor pains are inevitable, so the country would like to use subsidies to farmers to compensate for declining revenue problem.
I believe we still in a chaos state for subsidies, we do not know how much money to make up, make up and in what way, in what way the actual subsidy ...view middle of the document...

This year the reservoir is canceled, the lack of temporary storage of the big buyers of support and intervention, corn prices will gradually return to the market price, the farmer sell grain will also follow the market prices, the price is certainly low, as a measure point, market prices and import prices can refer to.
Grassroots implementation of public food subsidy system, area verification system, implementation of the card subsidy funds and other funds through a discount payment system. Public subsidies to make use of subsidies transparent, supervision by the masses, and to verify the area, with a card, etc. That directly to paid the subsidies for farmers hands, like subsidies, avoid link subsidies to the peasants " weight "problem appears inadequate.
In short, recently years farmers income will be enter to winter, subsidies can only alleviate but can not really change the farmers' income, so farmers need to consider how their own power, to seek a breakthrough.
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