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Corporate Communication Plan Essay

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Corporate Communication Plan

Bus 475

Communications Plan

In the business environment it is essential for organizations to communicate their mission, vision, goals, and objectives to all employees and their audience. The most effective way to communicate is through a communications plan. A communications plan is a powerful management tool that when properly written with strategic integrity, alignment, and focus allows all employees and the audience to understand the vision and direction of the organization. An organization with a well developed communications plan will support the organization’s goals and objectives. Communications plan increases employee motivation; it creates ...view middle of the document...

A sixth step is to measure the workings of the plan with a benchmarking system; it is best for the organization to track the plan’s progress throughout the year. The next step is an important one for the organization, and that is to listen to their audiences; this will erect a trusting relationship with the audience and keep the organization on the look-out for any changes or improvements they may need to make to their communications plan. The eighth and final step to developing an effective communications plan is to apply the use of a calendar; a connection to the programs to dates and attach responsibility for completing each task. This step will ensure the organization is making progress, and that they will not miss any deadlines for objectives. All in all, an effective communications plan is the medium that allows and ensures that all employees and the audience understand the vision and the direction of the organization.

Team B has attached the template that they will use when creating a corporate communication plan.

Corporate Communication Plan


• History of the problem


• Description of the Goal


• An end that can be reasonably be achieved within a given timeframe.


• An estimated budget to that will aid in...

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