Corporate Entrepreneurship For Dummies – Discussion

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Review Questions
Contrast the following terms:
a) Critical path scheduling, Gantt network diagramming, slack time
Network diagramming is a critical path scheduling technique whose sequence of task activities directly affect the completion date of a project. A major strength for network diagramming is its ability to represent how completion dates can vary for activates or task and is more used that Gantt Charts. Gantt charts visually show slack time available within an ...view middle of the document...

b) Project, project management, project manager
A project is a planned undertaking of a series of related activities to reach an objective that has a beginning and an end. Project management is a controlled process of initiating, planning, executing and closing down a project and a project manager is responsible for initiating, planning, executing and closing down a project.
c) Project initiation, project planning, project execution, project closedown
Project initiation is the first phase of the project management process in which procedures are established and task are performed to assess the size, scope and completion of the project, project planning is the second phase that focuses on defining activities and the work needed to complete the project and the project closedown is the final phase that focuses on bringing the project to a close.
d) Project workbook, resources, work breakdown structure
Project workbook is the online or hardcopy source for all of the correspondence, procedures and standards that were used for performing the project, resources are any person, group of people, equipment or material used in completing the project and work breakdown structure is the process of dividing the project into manageable tasks.
Discuss the reason why organizations undertake information system projects.

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