Corporate Governance Essay

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Module Five Critical Thinking Assignment
Anthony Plank
CSU-Global Campus
Business Ethics and Sustainability – Org 530-1
Dr. Christopher Zapalski
August 13, 2011

Module Five Critical Thinking Assignment
This paper will analyze Dell Computer Corporations corporate governance, sustainability strategy and performance and identify relevant social, environmental and economic measurement systems that can be used to measure Dell’s corporate sustainability performance.
An integral part of establishing a corporate sustainability strategy is integrating sustainability into the capital budget process. A systematic approach and ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to social philanthropy Michael Dell spends more time on his philanthropic foundation then he does on the daily operations of Dell Computers (Noer, 2011). Dell Computers understands that being a trustworthy company means they have an obligation to operate more efficiently, optimize returns, and manage with integrity (Dell Computers, 2011).
Dells Social and Environmental Initiatives
Dells current environmental initiatives are recycling for the home and business, greener products and packing, energy efficiency and responsible operations through eco management and environmental policy and compliance. Dell is replacing foams, corrugated pulp and molded paper materials with sustainable bamboo for packing its phones, tablets and laptops, started a free at home pickup service to ship unwanted computers and peripherals back to Dell for recycling instead of cluttering landfills and reducing their carbon footprint by building energy efficient data centers and reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing process.
Dell has established a giving program, encouraged employee community involvement and created global partnerships as part of their social responsibility. Dell provides financial gifts through YouthConnect and social innovation competitions globally, encourages employee involvement through giving to natural disasters, supporting employee community involvement and being a corporate partner with social programs like PlanetRead and UNICEF.
Dell is commitment to diversity is more than just internal team diversity. Dell strives for customer and supplier diversity, creates diversity partnerships and provides employees with networking resources that support diversity. Dells diverse teams exchange best practices, promote accountability, and align Dell’s diversity initiatives with divisional and corporate objectives across the company (Dell Computers, 2011).
As an accountable company Dell has committed to social and environmental governance by engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, meeting regulatory compliance, seeking stakeholder feedback and adhering to a strict code of conduct. Dell is also committed to social and human rights by engaging in a strict human rights policy as well as social responsibility policy.
Suggested Social and Environmental Measurements
For measuring social sustainability systems and strategy at Dell I would suggest Dell measure its reputation through focus groups, third party polling, surveys and opinion polls. By measuring Dells...

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