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Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategies Of Apple Inc

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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies 
Apple Inc is known world-wide because of the quality of the products it produces. This is a primary reason why its sales have remained high. The mission of Apple Inc is to ensure that it remains socially responsible to the community it serves in addition to persuading the supplier store comply with socially ethical issues. The mission expresses the commitment of the company in implementing corporate social responsibility activities, apart from providing innovative product store the customers .Corporate social responsibility is an important product to companies because it builds up the reputation of a company by showing the society that ...view middle of the document...

Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies of Apple Inc negatively.

 Unless it does more to correct the image, the company is likely to lose many customers and talented employees. Ensuring that the suppliers adhere to the code of ethics is a good idea for the Apple Company regardless of the accusations to the company. However, implementing the requirements is a challenge if the proper methods are not used. First, the company should improve its pay to the suppliers with the agreement that the suppliers will adhere to the standards. The new method will ensure that the suppliers have a greater profit margin, hence will be in a position to improve the working conditions and hire quality labor. Then Apple Inc. can then afford to pay their employees better wages without adverse effects on profitability. The company is capable of doing this considering the profits it makes. Additionally, the company can increase the price of its products since the products are already acceptable. It is not fair that Apple Inc imposes supply conditions that are expensive to the suppliers and then fail to support them in meeting the additional costs. The suppliers also need to make profits and increasing costs without additional benefits will drive the suppliers out of the market. If Apple is interested in achieving its goals of a good work environment and better wages, then it should be willing to engage in such a deal. The other method is that the company can buy enough shares from the suppliers so that they will have control over the activities of the suppliers. By gaining majority of the stakes in these companies, Apple Inc will be in a position to appoint a representative in the board to ensure that ethics in the company are instilled. It will also ensure that the working conditions are improved. 
This is considering that the board member will be influential in the decision-making process and will ensure that the interest of Apple Inc is represented appropriately.
Action that Apple can take in order to improve its competitive advantage in the global market
The method will be effective if Apple will be careful in implementing its requirements to ensure that the suppliers still remain profitable. It will demonstrate to the members of the public that the company is actually committed to ensure that there is an ethics in the company and its supply chain. Instead of blaming the other companies, Apple will be serving as an example .I believe...

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