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Corporate Strategy Analysis Discussion Summary

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Corporate Strategy Analysis Discussion Summary

All company have different way of keeping there company’s on top of the market. Coke takes on a new take on the drinks that they supply. Their goal is to be the leader in beverage. You don’t have to focus on keeping up with other company’s just have really good products and come up with new products for your company. Coca cola beginning to offer other beverages is vertical integration, they produce their own products and are always build a better brand. By making other products like tea, juice and ...view middle of the document...

They focus on customers and employees being satisfied with their service.
The VF Corporation has many brands under its belt, and they care about the bottom line. His strategy was hard work and determination. They offer products that has every day use not fashionable trends. The cost is less and they sell more because they are priced right and cost less to make it. Making sure it’s easy to purchase and everywhere helps the bottom line. VF doesn’t own it distribution center, they buy from someone else. They do that to be able to put their money into other projects and they still make money. They have many different brand under one company, and they are all affordable.
Xerox strategy is to eliminate departments that are not making money. They are focusing on giving the customers what they want, instead of printers that have functions that no one needs are uses. Xerox is going into business with other company and they are not just focusing on printer.
Each company has to find the problem, then come up with a plan of action to ensure that the problem is fixed and they can continue to grow after this. Having CEO’s that are looking for the next big things are how to improve the products they have already will ensure a prospers year.

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