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Corruption In My Country Essay

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Corruption in my Country
To start my answer first let’s learn the type of government my country i.e. India has. India is a democratic country and it is governed by the people. People elect their representative of parliament. It has been 69 years India got independence. Today after almost seven decades one of the prime issues the whole nation faces is ‘corruption’. India is a diverse country with variance in religion, language, areas. These factors make difficult to handle various issues. Indian population considers it as a plague to the nation. This plague has spread so wide that individuals had to transfer the black money into Swiss bank to secure the black money. India is considered to be a developing question or third world nation according to United ...view middle of the document...

Globalization of data has also helped reducing corruption up to large intent. Government is acting proactively against corruption. Different schemes are implemented to make systems transparent. If someone is held accountable to corruption strict action is taken against them unlike past. To conclude my answer yes corruption is major area of worry for India but appropriate actions are taken in recent times to end it.

How my Life has changed after coming to us?
United States of America is considered to Land of opportunities and people coming to this country to live their American dream. United States is a super power and has one of the strongest currency in the world. Apart from that this country has people from different origin which expands the horizons. Following are three reasons how my life has changed after coming to United States
1. One foremost way is the technology, In india I did not had access to so much of information. Internet was not such easy thing in india. With acces to information I was able to learn all the things I thought of with minimum cost involved. Resultant I am more intellectual person then before.
2. Secondly my way of dealing with people has changed. United States has people from different origin and dealing with them has changed my life. I have new way of dealing things. For example when buying certain commodity or helping someone. So if I go back I will be able to deal with people in a better way. It changed my way showing gratitude, appreciation towards people.
3. Third but not the final is, after coming to United States it has changed my life ambition. America is a free country with freedom of speech. I was able to find peers of same interest I always wanted. I am able to redesign my life to do things i would love to do rather opting for regular work life.

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