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Course Outline

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|Code |: |EVM451 |
|Course |: |Event Conceptualization And |
| | |Planning |
|Level |: |Bachelor |
|Credit unit |: |4 ...view middle of the document...

An estimated budget for the event will be developed incorporating the various aspects of planning and organizing an event. It will also help students to comprehend and construct an event logistics plan.

|Week |Topic |Assessment Activities |Rubrics |
|1-2 |Strategic Planning in Events |Quiz |N/A |
| |Strategic Planning Defined |Test | |
| |Strategic Planning Process |Meeting | |
|3-4 |Event Conceptualization |Quiz |N/A |
| |Stakeholders in events |Test | |
| |Developing the event concept |Meeting | |
|QUIZ 1 (Chapter 1-2): 1 HOUR (50 MARKS) |
|5 |Event Project Management |Quiz |N/A |
| |Project Management Defined |Test | |
| |Phases of Project Management in Events |Meeting | |
| |Project Management Techniques |Graded Assignment | |
| |Project Management Process | | |
|6-7 |Event Financial Management |Quiz |N/A |
| |Budget Process |Test | |
| |Costing and Estimating |Meeting | |
| |Budget Preparation |Non-Graded Assignment | |
| |Budget Control and Monitoring | | |
|QUIZ 2 (Chapter 3 & 4): 1 HOUR (50 MARKS) |
|8 |Event Logistics ...

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