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Courtroom Work Group Essay

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Courtroom work group
Ronald A. Tonelli
University of Phoenix
The Criminal Justice System

Courtroom work group
Across The United States of America and in every State, County and City criminal justice system, a Courtroom Workgroup has a familiar understanding between the prosecutor, defense attorney, and the judge. This concept of criminal justice describes the seemingly confrontational courtroom participants as colleagues serving within the criminal justice system. Eisenstein and Jacob in 1977 studied the interactions of court members at all levels they came up with the courtroom work group. The three individuals have totally different jobs and ...view middle of the document...

The prosecutor first most reviews all the cases sent to him by law enforcement for proper and enough evidence to go to court with a good chance of winning a conviction. He will also look to ensure none of the suspects rights were not infringed upon, and the evidence was collected legally. The prosecutor will the prefer charges against the defendant and a pretrial court date is set. The prosecutor has many other roles to play in the courtroom such as informing the court of any circumstance involved with the case, any harm that came to a victim, sites case law that may have a bearing on the outcome, and to protect the judge from improper sentences if the offender is found guilty.
The defense attorney is either hired by the defendant or is a court appointed public defender the second of the two happens if the accused cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The defense attorney will review all evidence being presented to the court to ensure it is accurate and correct, he will review as the district attorney did. The defense attorney is also responsible for ensuring the accused receives due process, he use must also represent you vigorously using all the tactics within the limits of the law. If someone is convicted and feels, he was not served correctly it could lead to a mistrial and a lawsuit against the attorney. The defense attorney is held to a strict attorney client privilege, and he cannot tell another person what you told him if you committed the offense or not.
The above-stated people are not the only individuals in the workgroup but are the principal players, and the rest of the team is made of the bailiff, court reporter, juries, and witnesses. Each has a different, but equally important role in the outcome of the case presented.
The changing of the criteria in one way or the other could have massive consequences for those facing charges. Taking the system making it less harsh we could slip back in time were crime ruled the streets when no one was safe, make the system harsh, and people would raise up against it. People want a system that works with sentences and fines and are fair and just.
The criminal justice funnel is comprised of eleven distinct steps each as important as the other from beginning to end, from the...

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