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To whom it may concern,
I am a motivated individual with a strong desire to learn and establish a long standing career in public accounting. I interned for Cohen and Company this past spring, and it opened my eyes to many things beyond the classroom. I look forward to learning more about the real world application of accounting – specifically tax ...view middle of the document...

I worked closely with staff and other interns. My internship only dealt with tax, but I would like to get a taste of audit this time around. I would like to intern in audit and tax this spring so I can learn even more about public accounting. I will have 150 credit hours by the time I graduate in December 2016, and my goal after college is to sit and pass the CPA exam.
Cohen and Company is my only job experience in the accounting field, but I also have other job experience. I was employed in a kitchen as a chef managing the employees. I have also done several years of landscaping for both a country club and a landscaping company. With these three other jobs, I learned how to work quickly and efficiently with other coworkers. I also established a very good work ethic over the past few years.
I would embrace the opportunity to further discussing my qualifications for this position and demonstrate my interest in your company.

Keny Reichle

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