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Creating A Plan For Positive Influence

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
October 1, 2012
Christine Pettiford
Lynette Grizelle

The summer has ended and it is time to start planning for the 2013 summer program. With the planning on the way the center has hired four more team players to help run the center and help with the summer program plans. The team members are: Christine (the head coordinator), Dani (an employee for three years and has helped with the program for the past two years and she is very open minded to change), Mike (is new to the center and ex military with a strong over powering tone), Fran (is new and one of the youngest team members and has worked for the YMCA in the past with their summer program), Vaughen (is new and has an follow the leader attitude), and the last new hire is Ebony (she has a take control attitude and is very pushy). This is the ...view middle of the document...

In the meeting the main topics that need to be addressed would be:
1. Understanding team dynamics and encouraging good relationships.
2. Selecting and developing the right people for the right positions.
3. Delegating effectively.
4. Motivating people.
5. Managing discipline and dealing with conflict.
6. Communicating.
7. Planning, making decisions, and problem solving.
8. Avoiding common managerial mistakes.
Once you go over the main issues that are needed to help run a team it will help to deal with the upcoming drama. In the plan, address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among the people you collaborate with, and address how each difference influences behavior.
How may those differences be effectively addressed in the plan to positively influence the team? It is a positive to have differences in a team if you know how to work with them and how they can help with the planning of the program. As long as all the team members talk. It is very important to have an open line of communication and understanding among the team members. It is also very important that all team members have a chance to voice their opinions and explain why they feel it will work with the rest of the team listening and chiming in if it is positive. A team runs better when there are different styles of people in the team. The collaboration of several diverse individuals in a team, especially in a project setting can often be challenging and taxing when trying to achieve the best results. The implementation of a positive influence plan, especially for teams that will be together for a long period, is beneficial, judicious, and wise. The plan will help produce satisfaction, high performance, and motivation for the team. The plan can help address the specific differences and how to manage those differences without taking away the advantages of the diversity. Each individual on the team brings strengths and weaknesses.

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