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Creationism Essay

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My view is that creationism is not a science, it is a belief. Because it is a belief it has no place being taught as a science, and hence does not belong in a science classroom. I will not only show that creationism is wrong, but also that evolution is the only reasonable explanation for the development of life.

There is no physical or scientific evidence that supports the beliefs of creationism, while there is a vast amount of evidence from a wide range of sciences that together point to the evolution over time of life on Earth. The many disciplines of science that have contributed to the formulation of the theory of evolution include geology, botany, chemistry, taxonomy, molecular ...view middle of the document...

It then tries to find evidence to support these views. Apart from the fact that no evidence to support this combination of assumptions exists, it is not how science is done. Science does not assume an outcome before the evidence suggests it. Beliefs about the world come from the results of experiments and reasoning, i.e. as the end point of inquiry, not the starting point.

Science is also ‘falsifiable’, meaning we should be able to give examples of what would disprove a theory. This is simple in evolution. For example, if the remains of a fossilised human were to be found in the same rock layer as a fossilised dinosaur, with no obvious distortion of the surrounding rock, then that would count as evidence against evolution, which clearly states the humans did not exist at the time of dinosaurs. Or if any one of the many dating techniques that scientists employ were to consistently give the same age for organisms that were supposed separated by millions of years, then this would count against evolution. Creationism allows for no such procedure. Faced with countless examples of evidence supporting an old earth, or of the gradual evolution of animals as shown in the fossil record, or with molecular studies showing how evolution occurs at a genetic level, they simple refuse to accept the evidence. Not only this, but creationists assume that if they cast doubt on evolution that they must be right by default. As though if I show that your football team is not the best it automatically makes mine the best….

One of the common arguments against this from creationists is that scientists are engaged in a conspiracy to protect their jobs and their status by denying the ‘obvious’ fact of...

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