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Creative Writing Essay

434 words - 2 pages

Sharon Grisham
GE 217
Creative Writing

I chose this picture taken by the ASPCA organization because it really captured my heart when I saw it. The target audience is all people who love animals and care about them. The claims in this picture are animals are senselessly hurt. It also shows the depravity in some people’s nature by hurting defenseless animals for no reason other than just for the fun of it. ASPCA is trying to get people’s attention and appeal to their sense of right and wrong and be horrified by this picture. They want you to be upset enough to ...view middle of the document...

Since this is a color picture it is more effective than if it had been in black and white. Black and white doesn’t show the details like color does. Therefore it wouldn’t have had the same reaction of disgust or horror.
I am always very upset when I see those pictures on TV about all those poor abused animals, shown by the ASPCA organization. So I went looking on the Internet for pictures like those on TV. This picture is one of those I found. My son and I are both very caring animal lovers. We sometimes are so upset by these pictures; we have to turn the channel because we can’t stand to watch it anymore. I am a very emotional person. I am often teased because I cry watching movies. I cry if I am watching a movie and an animal gets hurt or gets lost. That is why this picture reached out to me. If I had the money, I would give very generously to these animal organizations and shelters. My animals are totally spoiled rotten. My dog doesn’t know he is a dog, he thinks he is a person. This dog’s name is Buttercup; the only thing this dog did was be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Buttercup did better than the other beagle she was at the time. The other beagle Ginger was skinned so bad she had to be put to sleep. These are the kinds of things that the ASPCA is trying to bring to your attention with this picture.

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