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Criminal Essay

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Food Diary:

Day 1

Day of the Week:      

|Food/Beverage |How Much You Ate/Drank |
|      |      |
|      |      |
|      |      |
|      ...view middle of the document...

Calories and Macronutrients (15 pts)

| |Average Eaten |% of Calories |
|Calories |      |xxx |
|Protein |      g |      % |
|Carbohydrates |      g |      % |
|Dietary Fiber |      g |xxx |
|Total Fat |xxx |      % |
|Saturated Fat |xxx |      % |

Table 2. Micronutrients (40 pts)

Mineral |Average Eaten |DRI |Vitamin |Average Eaten |DRI | |Calcium |      mg |      mg |Vitamin A |      mcg |      mcg | |Potassium |      mg |      mg |Vitamin B6 |      mg |      mg | |Sodium |      mg |      mg |Vitamin B12 |      mcg |      mcg | |Copper |      mcg |      mcg |Vitamin C |      mg |      mg | |Iron |      mg |      mg |Vitamin D |      mcg |      mcg | |Magnesium |      mg |      mg |Vitamin E |      mg |      mg | |Phosphorus |      mg |      mg |Vitamin K |      mcg |      mcg | |Selenium |      mcg |      mcg |Folate |      mcg |      mcg | |Zinc |      mg |      mg |Thiamin |      mg |      mg | | | | |Riboflavin |      mg |      mg | | | | |Niacin |      mg |      mg | |Analysis:

1. (5 pts) Describe how typical of your daily diet these three days were. Did you eat as normal as possible? If not, why?


2. (20 pts) Calculate your energy needs using either the Estimated Energy Requirements (EER) equation or the Harris Benedict equation that you learned about during Week #6 of this class. You will need to convert your height and weight to the appropriate units. Be sure to include your work. How do your calculated energy needs compare with the calories you consumed, on average, in Table 1?


3. (15 pts) Looking at Table 1, are your average percentage of calories for carbohydrates, protein, and total fat meeting the recommendations that you learned about in Weeks #3 and #4? (Use either the “Target” from the Nutrient Intakes Report or Week #3 and #4 supplemental...

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