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Criminology Essay

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Exploring the Mind of a Killer
1. What factors does Fallon suggest create psychopathic killers?
A: A damage in factors such as genes, brain damage (biological
Epigenetic), and environment creates a psychopathic killer.
2. Where did Fallon see damage in the brain when he looked at the brains of psychopathic killers?
A: A damage in the orbital cortex and anterior temporal cortex.
3. What gene seems to be related to a higher propensity to violence? Why does he think that males may experience this more?
A: The MAOA gene ...view middle of the document...

Yes and no, the gene does show that one may be a psychopathic killer, but you need the other factors too.

Crossing the Yard
1. How did Shelton get started with the workshops?
A: He started because he was curious to meet a monster.
2. What does Shelton teach the men?
A: Shelton teaches writing.
3. How do the men feel about the workshops?
A: Learning poetry gives them a purpose in the depths of prison. They can see their fellow inmates pouring their heart out in these poems and see their sincerity.
4. Does Shelton think about the crimes that the men have committed? Why do you think he does this?
A: He does not think about their crimes because he does not seek.
Shelton can work with criminals that don’t brag about their crimes.
5. Do you think that workshops like this are beneficial? Why or why not?
A: Workshops like this are beneficial because this allows prisoners to
improve and fix their wrongdoings. They can slowly understand moral
principles and live like a human. This allows the ones that teach to reflect on oneself.

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