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Critical Thinking 3 A Essay

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The Human Resources Department is structured, organized and equipped to provide overall strategy, direction and effective management of the organization's human resources function to accomplish organizational objectives.
2. Does the senior-level human resources manager report to the same level position as all other major staff and line departments within the organization? _____
3. Does the senior human resources manager participate in addressing the organization's strategic, tactical and policy issues?_____
4. Does the senior human resources manager integrate all HR activities with the organization's strategic business plan. _____
5. Does the Human Resources department ...view middle of the document...

Are department personnel cross-trained to perform duties outside their major areas of responsibility? _____
14. Do they work on team and department task force projects? ____
15. Are department personnel professionally and technically competent? _____
16. Do they serve as internal consultants to management as well as counselors to employees? _____
17. Does the department staff work well as a team? _____
18. Are they readily accessible to all customers? _____
19. Are department personnel provided adequate training and professional development to meet organizational challenges and demands? _____
20. Is involvement in professional and technical groups encouraged? _____
Does the department subscribe to major technical and professional journals? _____
21. Is there a credible performance appraisal in place clearly stating mutually established goals and objectives for department personnel? _____
22. Are human resources staff compensated according to market standards? _____
Are they compensated based on comparable positions within the organization? _____20
23. Does department staff effectively balance organizational with employee needs and act as an intermediate for both? _____
24. Is the Human Resources department results-oriented (i.e., measuring cost-effectiveness and...

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