Critical Thinking And Ethics Essay

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The Relationship between Critical Thinking and Ethics

Critical Thinking and Ethics

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said “When you change the way you look at things the

things you look at change”. Our perceptions and judgments reflects how we

think about things and the decisions we make which influence our lives.

Critical Thinking is the ability to be self disciplined and practical in order to make

factual and rational decisions and/or judgments. Ethics are the morals we use to

make those choices. Critical Thinking and Ethics go hand in hand as it takes someone

with good moral standards to think critically.

The Critical Thinking Process
The following six aspects of the critical thinking assist in developing critical thinking skills:

Remembering- Recalling information relevant to the ...view middle of the document...

Some are resolved much more easily than others. Being able to deal with those challenges constructively and fairly is an important skill. Identifying solutions to challenges based on facts and knowledge (comprehension), understanding all sides of a situation (analysis) and considering all possible options (creativity), before making a judgment or conclusion (evaluation), is an effective way of solving problems.
Fairness is an important factor to me. I prefer to think through problems carefully and look at all options in finding solutions. In my personal decision making I reflect on past experiences. Understanding previous outcomes and consequences help in creating informed solutions. “Relationship” is my preferred lens which allows me to use my rational to determine what processes and systems can be utilized in assuring justice and equality. Overconfidence in process to achieve fair outcomes is considered to be my “blind spot”. I put too much trust in process, sometimes not realizing that a fair process may still result in unjust outcomes because not everyone has equal access.
Social responsibility is an obligation to act for the benefit of society. It pertains to society and businesses alike whose actions have an impact on individuals. Ethics in business ensures application of high professional standards and benefits the company as well as individuals and society. It protects the businesses’ public image and offers better quality of services for all.

Whether it is personal, general society or professional and business

issues critical thinking and ethics are beneficial because it influences the

process and outcome by which we determine whether or not something is right or

wrong and how it should be resolved. While critical thinking focuses on

maintaining an objective view on situations at hand, it can also be subjective since

one needs to be understanding of the other side of the argument, and may begin

to adapt or change ones’ views accordingly which can be helpful in creating fair

minded solutions. A critical thinkers mental process of evaluation helps to

determine their ethical standards.

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