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Critical Thinking Worksheet Appendix I Essay

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Critical Thinking Worksheet

Associate Level Material

Appendix I
Critical Thinking Worksheet
Chose one of the following scenarios:

You are a member of a group working on a class project. The group members are enthusiastic about the project and arrange a meeting time to begin planning. You forget to mark your calendar and miss the meeting. The group posts a summary of the meeting with assignments and deadlines for the project. You apologize to the group and agree to complete the topic research for the project. You realize you have a paper due in another course on the same day your research is due and concentrate most of your time on your individual assignment. The paper takes longer ...view middle of the document...

My time management skills were not focus and it affected my ability to get both assignments completed on time. The group accepted my excuse in which it was not the truth anyway and I feel bad about this too. They understood where I was coming from. I am a person who does not fall behind in anything as I have a very strong will power to succeed. I hate failure and hate submitting late. My focus to duty and time management needs to be number one in academic and work environment. Now I need to figure out what I can do for the group to make up for my lack of helping and thank them for adding me to the finished product.

What process did you follow to come to your conclusion?
I need to incorporate my school, work, and home calendars all into one. This will increase my time management skills to a higher level of alertness. As before, I had several calendars for each event and everything has a time for each, it is my responsibility to make sure that a mistake like this does not happen. My approach to this was using the mapping approach. I laid out all that I was doing and found that I was jumping and confusing myself with all the calendars. After reviewing this I realized I had to fix this as my honor and integrity will not allow this happen again and mostly letting the group give me credit where I did not work for this and showing up on paper saying I did the work and I did not. There is no reason I could not have completed my part of the project; I could have used other...

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