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For more than a decade, with the explosion of modern technology, consumers have been approached and overwhelmed with multimedia advertising types and creative elements. This has brought not only a big concern about the effectiveness of traditional TV commercials but also many arguments over the time of TV commercials among many advertisers and marketers around the world. To address this matter, Jeri Smith, president and CEO of advertising research firm Communicus, has recently published an editorial called “Screen Time” in the Marketing Insights. In her piece of writing, she strongly supports the role of traditional TV commercials within an overall integrated advertising campaign which targets mass audiences and clearly points out that TV commercials just need to evolve. In order to convince her target audiences, advertisers and marketers, in her epideictic argument, Jeri analyzes and evaluates the power of TV commercials ...view middle of the document...

To further the persuasion, Jeri continues to discuss the unmatched power of traditional TV commercials versus other media types by praising the reach power of TV commercials while pointing out the inability of other media forms to achieve significant audience size. This is clearly that Jeri is using an epideictic argument approach with the presentation of facts and reasons in support of her analysis.
The facts that Jeri is an expert in advertising research, her paper is published in the Marketing Insights and she even addresses advertisers and marketers many times in her paper, apparently tell us she wants to direct her argument to advertisers and marketers. To build up her argument, Jeri uses logical appeal at a level that not only deliver facts and data but she has the evidence matched with the logic. The logos is deeply adopted in her whole paper, which makes her writing is clear and her idea is well supported. The following is an example of her logos usage:
While one could argue that online branded content can provide the same experience, the numbers of viewers who engage with branded online content are extremely small. While some branded video content does garner millions of views on sites like YouTube, a random scan of brand-sponsored videos on YouTube suggests that average views range in the thousands to tens of thousands, compared to the tens of millions of viewers who are readily available to TV advertisers anytime, on any given day (para 4).
Through her argumentative approach, Jeri makes clear and well-founded statement about her position in favor of traditional TV commercials importance within a campaign. Her analysis on the pros and cons of TV commercials and other non – traditional media forms brings up some important key takeaways for her readers in crafting multimedia advertising campaigns. This epideictic argument about the TV commercials is well developed with effective logos and Jeri, the author, successfully wins her audiences over to her positions.

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