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Csr On Oil Industry Essay

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It can be noted that people or stakeholders expect firms not only to perform the traditional function of providing goods and services to all citizens who are willing to pay for them, but also to help society solve its problems. If these things are generally seen as desirable, and the firm does them, then it is socially responsible. If the firm does not, then some people may feel it is irresponsible. In this respect, it is illustrated that businesses like British Petroleum has been able to adhere to the needs of being socially responsible industry.

Moreover, analysis shows that British Petroleum has been able to incorporate and promote increased public participation in ...view middle of the document...

In addition, it can be said that the findings of the study indicated that along with the corporate social responsibility commitment of the company is their environmental protection strategies, human resource management strategies, employee relationship management and their approach for ensuring that they follow ethical standards.

Even though the issue is tackled in its complexity, it is no doubt that social responsibility has to play a great role in today's business world. It may either contribute to efficiency, effectiveness, success or failure. What is important is that we are becoming more aware each day. No doubt that in this era, social responsibility should become every business' obligation. Hence, addressing real environmental issues is not yet late through the use of the new technological innovations that serve the interest of sustainable development as companies at present are continuously equipped with ways to adhere to corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

In this regard, it can be said that even though British Petroleum has been able to adhere to the promotion and commitment of being socially responsible the company still needs to prove that their intentions are clear and that their commitment will be consistent since most of their critics would always view their company as industry which have a negative impact to the environment. This is the issue that should be battled by the company with their corporate social responsibility.

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