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Cultural Differences Essay

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Does everyone have the equal right to be who they were born to be? When it comes to culture, race or ethnicity, can every individual express themselves without being judged? The answer to these questions would vary based on if ethnic hierarchy, one way assimilation, cultural pluralism, or group separatism were being discussed.
Ethnic Hierarchy is when some racial groups think that they are better or held on a higher pedestal then other ethnic or racial groups. For example back in slavery times, African Americans were looked at the inferior racial group. One Way Assimilation is when an individual or group from another culture adapts to one dominant culture as well as that culture’s traditions of that society. The goal of assimilation is to have equality so that everyone can be on one accord. For Instance, many immigrants came from other parts of ...view middle of the document...

Group Separatism is known when ethnic groups remove themselves from the American society. They remove themselves to bond with other cultural groups from other societies. For example Afrocentrism, was a movement where the African culture was being shared with other cultures such as the Europeans.
In “Para Teresa”, Ethnic Hierarchy can be applied to this poem. In this poem, the speaker talk about how Teresa and she are one, they are together. One can conclude that they are from the same ethnic background because the speaker references it. Also the speaker states that she and Teresa need to stick together so they can prove to their teacher, who must be of a different race, that they are not superior to them. That is why the speaker studies unlike the other kids in her class she wants to prove her teachers wrong and make her family proud of her.
In “Aunt Ida Pieces a quilt”, Cultural Pluralism can be applied to this poem. This poem was about how the family lost a family member to AIDs. In this family, their custom was to make a quilt for the lost family member. Cultural pluralism ties into this poem because this model lets individuals express their culture without someone questioning them about it. This family’s home-made quilt was probably a tradition that ran in the family or cultural background.
The visual on page 60 ties in with cultural pluralism because both ethnicities are getting along. They can come together as one and put aside their racial or ethnic backgrounds. The visual on page 58-59 both represent one-way assimilation. When individuals come to America from other countries, some of them do not know what the holiday Thanksgiving is, but when they get here they will start celebrating it because it is a ritual when it comes to the United States.
In Conclusion, America has many different citizens and immigrants whether they are, Chinese, Japanese or Indian. All these ethnic models have proven that everyone in the US is different and come from a different background. It is unfair to treat someone that is of a different ethnicity but that is how America has always been.

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