Cultural Differences In Communication Essay

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Cultural Differences in Communication
Amanda Finley
HCA/230 - Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals
Instructor: Robert Feightner

Cultural Differences in Communication
Cultural differences in communication start with barriers involving language. Different cultures use their own language. People from South America speak Spanish and people from China speak Mandarin or Chines. The main barrier between them is the patients to understand that not everyone understands English and Western Medicine.
Perception plays a big part in communication. This is especially true if you are dealing with someone who speaks a different language. You can come across as threatening or angry which ...view middle of the document...

They do have medical clinics and things of that nature in china the vast majority will try other remedies first. This type of practice may create a barrier between doctor and patient.
People no matter what their origin have their own way of beliefs that may affect how they choose to receive health care. This may make it difficult for them to find a health care professional who has the same beliefs and rituals.
While there are more and more people trying homeopathic medicine there are still people who have conflicting views about how and when it is effective and when it should be used. For example some women like to have their babies at home instead of a hospital. This creates a barrier between health care providers and patients. Not all health care providers see that home birth is a safe way to have a child and so on.
So while there are several different things that can create barriers such as language and beliefs it is possible to be patient and understanding when it comes to others and what they feel may be correct. The main thing is to try not to be too controlling and have patients.


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