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Culture And Consumer Behavior Research Method

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Unit V Assignment
Culture and Consumer Behavior Research Method.

This research investigates the effect of culture on various aspects of consumer behavior in an integrative framework among the three ethnic groups in Nigeria. The cultural groups include an Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa ethnic groups. The method of research will be an experimental research on the ethnic culture and how it affects consumer behavior. The objective for doing this research are as follow: what culture it and how it impacts consumer behaviors in Nigeria, how culture asct as an invisible hand that guides consumption-related attitude, values and behavior, how culture set standards for what satisfies consumers’ needs, how ...view middle of the document...

They are mostly into white collar jobs and very few in farming and other menial jobs. Loyalty is considered a virtue in the Hausa culture. They are taught from young to place the loyalty to their families and religion above everything and everyone else. Islam is regarded as an inseparable part of Hausa ethnicity and t is ingrained in their culture. They indulge so much into farming and herding hence very few of them consider western education. The Igbos are the most industrious. They are into buying and selling of goods. 50 percent of them consider education and 99 percent of them are Christians.
Having reviewed the key cultural tradition of the three ethnic groups, the differences in cultural values and associated consumer behaviors exhibited by the ethnic groups will be analyzed using Hofstede’s (1980) cultural framework. The sampling strategy used will be survey through questionnaires. Since Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and the seventh in the world with 150 million people, we will draw 50,000 people from each ethnic group. These people will come from every walk of life that makes up the population of that ethnic group. We need to make sure that the sample of people selected is representative of all people from each ethnic group. From each ethnic group, we will draw people based on race, gender, religion, type of occupation, and marital status in order to ensure an accurate sampling. The questionnaire will contain about 30 questions on how their culture affects their consumer behavior. All items will be measured on a five-point Linkert scale, ranging from 1 for strongly Disagree to 5 for strongly Agree, including measure for the cultural dimensions. Information...

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