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Culture Essay

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Culture Essay
Mallory McBlaine
Sociology 121

I decided to interview Ola Krupinksa, a polish sixteen year old currently living in the United States. Ola was born in Poland but moved here at the age of five.

1.Your definition of culture?
Answer: Beliefs, customs and arts of a particular society.
2.How do you define family?
Answer: Family is people who you care about and would do anything for.
3. Who holds the most “status” in your family? Why?
Answer: My dad; he is the main person that receives income.
4. How do you define success?
Answer: Success is a moment where you have completed your goal.
5. Do you consider your parents to be successful?
Answer: I ...view middle of the document...

13. If religion is important to your family, do you plan to pass this on to your children? Why or why not?
Answer: Yes I do plan on passing this on because they should have something to believe in and to trust.
14. Are the roles of men and women specifically defined in your family? What are they?
Answer: Yes, my mom cleans and cooks and my dad makes money by working hard.
15. Do you have any eating habits or rituals that are specific to your culture?
Answer: no
16. Do you speak any other languages?
Answer: I speak Polish at home, it is my first language
17. Do you celebrate any Polish holidays?
Answer: No I do not but I always eat Polish food with my relatives on holidays.
18. Describe your parents values.
Answer: My parents are very strict and take school and homework to the extreme. They want me to succeed and they believe in pushing me to do my best.

I believe that ones culture as well as family plays a massive role in who you are and become. Ola Krupinksa and I are two very unique and cultured individuals. Although she is Polish, and I am Serbian, we do share some similarities. I was born in the United States and have lived here my whole life. But, my mom was born in Serbia, than moved to England at a young age, and finally moved to the United States when she was twelve years old. Although I have only experienced a home here, I have traveled to all different cultures since I was a baby. Ola, being born in Poland has had the privilege in living in a completely different country to be conceived and bred through. I am envious that she was raised speaking Polish while I only have known English. I believe that if you are born and raised in a different culture it shapes you that much more. Your family teaches you values as well as building your strength to succeed. Without a healthy relationship with your family, you would be without hope, courage, structure, and the strength to succeed.
I would consider the definition of culture the same as Ola did; it means all the things and experiences that make a certain society unique and special. One’s culture shapes their beliefs, values, and goals. Although I am very prideful in my culture, I don’t believe I celebrate it quite like Ola. Two times a year I celebrate being Serbian.“Slava” is a Serbian Orthodox Church tradition involving the ritual glorification of one's family's passed down saint. This holiday involves pouring red wine in the cracks of Serbian bread and slowly turning it around while your family kisses it, as well as a home cooked meal. The next fascinating celebration I participate in is Serb Fest. This is a three-day festival that people come from all around Chicago land to eat Serbian food and dance to our cultures music. Although I feel like a “normal” American the rest of year, I am very prideful of where my ancestors have...

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