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Current Event 1: Health Care Essay

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Current Event 1: Health Care
Jay Hancock wrote an article titled, “Workplace Programs put Employees Privacy at Risk”, which was published to CNN on October 2, 2015. In his article, he discussed how workers from Houston were unsure about joining the employee wellness program because they were on edge to find out if it was in fact a legitimate wellness program or if it was a marketing scheme. Hancock stated that in Houston, it was required of employees to participate with the company wellness program and they were expected to give all of their confidential medical history. Jay Hancock ...view middle of the document...

Hancock quoted Ray Hunt, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, when he said, “We don’t mind giving our information to our health care providers, but we don’t want to give it to a vendor that has carte blanche to give that information to anybody they want to.”
I personally agree with the frustration that the Houston workers have towards this wellness program. Being pressured to give up your confidential medical history is wrong and should only be discussed with your health care provider. In that case, discussing such things with a health care provider cannot be discussed by them because it is in fact illegal according to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). To be asked for personal information for an online wellness program is a red flag as it is and if the Houston workers don’t want to participate in that, they should not have to nor should they be charged an extra $300 a year. If they already have medical coverage, they should be required to prove it to their employer, not pay extra because they don’t want to be a part of a wellness program.
Hancock, Jay (2015, October 2) “Workplace Wellness Programs put Employee Privacy at Risk”
Retrieved: November 19, 2015, from

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