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Current Events In Business Research Week 1

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Current Events in Business Research
July 8, 2013

Current Events in Business Research
Business research has different steps to complete to ensure that the research covers every aspect needed to have the best outcome. In the workplace of construction, there is a great need of acquiring researchers help to cure problems that are at current job sites. Such problems may be the building construction and the needed data to ensure a building is built safe and of good quality. The business research process is used in many ...view middle of the document...

After the goals and objectives are defined, the research then provides the purpose for the proposal to all the stakeholders for approval. The stakeholders are usually the investors in the building site, along with supervisors of the construction crew. After approval is met the research group then comes up with a strategy or strategies to complete researches that includes time frame, scope, environment of research, and type of research. Once strategy or strategies are in place, data collection occurs. Data will exist of collecting all the contributing factors and variables of the research along with data needed to define the objective of the research. Once data is collected, the analysis of data is performed. Researchers will analyze all the data to interpret its findings. Next, the researcher reports their findings to stakeholders. Stakeholders will then make a decision, based on the research of their next move, to cure the original problem that was given. The stakeholders will give direction to the construction team to fix the original problem. This will allow the research used to clearly define the existing problem and for the construction team to advance to the next step by using the research obtained to finish the project.

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