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Customer Service Assignment #2

Trust is a very important criterion for a customer service relationship in this day and age because when a customer feels and knows that they can trust you they are guaranteed to come back and give you their business. With trust and loyalty you can make it far in a company and very far in life and in the business world. When customers come into your place of business ...view middle of the document...

With building trust and loyalty with each and every customer this ensures return businesses and new customers. Most businesses can credit their success to word of mouth. I personally will recommend a store that I shop at or a restaurant I eat at if services were good. Trust is something that needs to be everywhere not just in the work place, it’s also something people need to build and earn. In a relationship with your partner you need trust cause without trust the relationship will not last and it will die. If you are loyal to people around you they will trust you until you do something that shows them you are not loyal and they cannot trust you anymore. Once trust is broken with your customers you will be sure that you will lose business and that customer and any others that were recommended by your client. A business cannot be successful without trust and loyalty both from business owners and from customers.

By: Asha Culzac

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Customer Service Essay

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