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Customer Service Project Essay

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Customer Service Project

MKT 101

Kristen Motts 03.04.2015

I visited Applebee’s in Boiling Springs on Sunday March 4th, 2015. We decided to go in between lunch and dinner time when most places are not crowded. The weather was a bit chilly with a slight wind, but nice none the less. The parking lot was paved nicely without cracks and the outside of the restaurant was beautiful. I rather loved the stone siding. I felt as though this would be a nice place to have a date with my husband. We ordered off the “2 for $20” menu. My husband ordered the riblet basket and I the fiesta lime chicken.

1. Observation #1
a. We were seated very quickly with no waiting at a nice table ...view middle of the document...

g. Today, if they were to stop talking to each other and start paying attention to their customers, us to be exact, would be much happier.
h. Having employees ask what drinks the customer would like to have as they are seated would be much better than making them wait. Also, asking if they are ready to order the food when the drinks are brought out will also shorten the customer’s wait time.

3. Observation #3
i. I understand that having team spirit is commendable, but this Applebee’s went a little too far in their efforts to do so. Everything, and I am not exaderating, was depicting the Boiling Springs Bulldogs, a football team. Tons of pictures on the walls, the interior paint and furniture design, and even the food was colored to the team colors. Even my food, the chips, were colored black and red to match the team’s colors.
j. They seem so clearly to be very devoted to the Bulldogs to the point it seems to be obsessive. I assume that the owner of this franchise is a very big fan of the Bulldogs team.
k. Today I believe that there is not much that can be done to change anything here because change takes more time than just one day to complete. I do believe that one thing that could be changed today is turning the lights up a bit so it is not so dark in order to lighten the mood.
l. For the future, keeping the lights a little brighter, loosening the Bulldog theme, and maybe even changing the paint on the walls to more of a neutral color. This, hopefully, will stop it from being such an overwhelming atmosphere in the restaurant.
4. Observation #4
m. The restrooms were much nicer than the rest of the restaurant and much more comfortable. It was not dark, nor uncomfortable, like the dining room of the restaurant.
n. They were very clean and the stalls had plenty of toilet paper. The sink was clean, counter free of water spills, paper towel container was filled and the soap dispensers were full and working well. It was a...

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