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Cyber Bullying Essay

1153 words - 5 pages

Hunter Cobb
Mrs. Bates
26 January 2015

Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying is becoming more of an issue the more social media expands. Cyber bullying is when an individual is being bullied through the internet or any kind of social media. This article is pulled out of a “Himalayan Times” from the Topics section named “Cyber Bullying”. The article was published in 2012 on October 16. In summary, this article explains how cyber bullying can affect the individual’s minds and how to prevent cyber bullying from happening. It gives the reader different points on cyber bullying and what to do if a person becomes a target. The article provides several very beneficial tips on ...view middle of the document...

It gives helpful tips on how to prevent the reader from entering into getting bullied and things to do to help stay clear from cyber bullying. This article doesn’t have a lot of fact on cyber bullying that may help the readers get a better understanding of how long its been going on and the effect it could do on the victims aren’t as good as they could be.
This article doesn’t refer to any other recent events around the time it was published or before, but the fact that it’s an article in a newspaper is enough to catch someone’s attention. The word selection is good for the way it was typed and it’s not done too professionally. The author’s purpose was to get the reader’s attention and get the facts and different ways to stop someone from getting pulled in to cyber bullying.
This article does give several examples where cyber bullying has been too much for teens to handle and end up committing suicide. She goes deep into the family’s everyday life and shows several different situations based on living conditions. By doing this, it helps the reader spread their awareness that not only that one boy or girl they figured would be going through it isn’t the only ones that are getting harassed and it may very well be the reader’s best friend or family member. It hits the spot on making the readers think if they know anyone that may be going through it and how to help them, or it if they know someone that is doing the bullying to persuade them to stop and consider the outcomes that may come later on if it were to continue. By putting in different stories from a different standpoint helps the author get his or her point across instead of giving boring facts on cyber bullying and not persuading the readers to make a difference on cyber bullying and bring it to a stop.
There are many kinds of other articles, books, websites, and so many more other type of products that try to spread the awareness of cyber bullying and how to keep others out of it and how to cope if the reader happens to be a victim of cyber bullying. The most highly talked and stressed about subject dealing with cyber bullying is suicide. Suicide is a harsh subject and cyber bullying is the lead cause of teenage deaths...

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