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and teams. Work for both projects is to be contracted to outside consultants. Two managers at XDM, one assigned each to Agentfox and Mulder, prepare RFPs and send them to several contractors. The RFPfor Agentfox includes a statement of work that specifies system performance and quality requirements, a desired completion deadline, and contract conditions. As an incentive, the contractor will receive a bonus for exceeding minimal quality measures and completing the project early, and will be charged a penalty for poor quality and late completion. The project will be tracked using precise quality measures, and the contractor will have to submit detailed monthly ...view middle of the document...

2. Traditionally, the practice of systems engineering has been applied to large-scale, hardware Based on proposals received in response to the RFPs, the managers responsible for Mulder and Agentfoxeachselectacontractor. Unknowntoeither manager is that they select the same contractor, Yrisket Systems. Yrisket is selected for the Mulder project because its specified price is somewhat less than the budget limit in the RFP, and Yrisket has a goodreputation in the business.Yrisket is chosen for theAgentfoxcontractforsimilarreasons—goodprice and good reputation. In responding to the Agentfox RFP, Yrisket managers had to work hard to get the price downtotheamountspecified,buttheyfeltthat bydoingqualityworkontheprojecttheycouldmake a tidy profit through the incentive offered. Afew months after the projects are underway, some of Yrisket’s key employees quit their jobs. Thus, to meet their commitments to both projects, Yrisket workers have to work long hours and weekends. It is apparent, however, that these extra efforts might not be enough, especially because Yrisket has a contract with another customer and will have to s

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