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Date Base Essay

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SAMPLE TEST–EXAM 3 (Answers) The HR Director is curious as to whether employees’ attitudes about the company’s location are related to their satisfaction with the organization. To examine this relationship, as part of the annual company survey, items measuring place quality (i.e., how satisfied employees are with attributes of the company’s location such as entertainment options, public services, shopping, housing, etc.; scaled 1 = strongly dissatisfied to 5 = strongly satisfied) and a single-item measure of organizational satisfaction (i.e., how satisfied employees are with the company overall; scaled 1 = strongly dissatisfied to 5 = strongly satisfied) were administered to 1,039 employees. ...view middle of the document...

Employees who perceive high place quality also report high satisfaction with the organization, and place quality accounts for 5% of the variance in organizational satisfaction.


An HR analyst wishes to use information from the last problem to predict organizational satisfaction using place quality scores. Using the same initial analyses from the previous problem, answer the following problems: a. What is the regression equation that describes the least-squared solution? ̂ = bX + a b= = = 0.08

a = MY – bMX = 3.77 – 0.08(11.46) = 3.77 – 0.92 = 2.85 ̂ = 0.08X + 2.85 b. Complete the ANOVA table below. Is the result significant at the .05 level of significance?

Compute predicted and unpredicted variability: SSregression = r2SSY = 0.222(1,379) = .05(1,379) = 68.95 SSresidual = (1 – r2) SSY = (1 – 0.222)(1,379) = (1 – .05)(1,379) = 0.95(1,379) = 1,310.05 Calculate the mean squares values: MSregression = MSresidual = Calculate the F-ratio: F= = = 54.72 = = = 68.95 = = = 1.26

For a 2-tailed test, df = 1, 1037, the critical value at the .05 level of significance is F = 3.84. Because the obtained F = 54.72 exceeds the critical value, I conclude that regression equation predicted organizational satisfaction is significant at the .05 level.

Source Regression Residual Total

SS 68.95 1,310.05 1379

df 1 1,037 1,038

MS 68.95 1.26 ----

F 54.72 -------


Calculate the standard error of estimate: Standard error of estimate = √ =√ =√ = 1.12


Your HR Director has asked you to analyze data in which perceived organizational support (X1; the extent that employees feels the organization supports them; scaled 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree) and pay-level satisfaction (X2; how satisfied employees are with their pay; scaled 1 = strongly dissatisfied to 5 = strongly satisfied) are used to predict turnover intentions (Y; the extent that employees intend to leave the organization; 1 = highly unlikely to 5 = highly likely). Using Excel, you ran regression analyses...

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