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David Tobin Question 3 Essay

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Study Sheet for exam #1

Environmental Science
-What is it
The study of interactions between organisms and their environment. Scientists from many fields provide data to help citezens understand how the world works.

-depends on scientific data: Science provides data for citezens so that they can make an informed decision.

-scientific method used to collect unbiased data – know the steps –
-further observation
if experiment agrees with hypotheseis it becomes a theory, if not it goes back to observation step

Environmental movement

-Impact of Silent Spring on the environmental movement
Silent Spring, written by Rachel carson, ...view middle of the document...

Stakeholders are various groups or ppl concerned with a specific environmental issue. (Individuals, NGO’s, Business’s, gov agencies)

Some current environmental issues of concern
-Human population
-current number : 7.1 Billion (just say over 7 billion)

-impact on available resources and environmental degradation
By 2050 there could be upwards of 9 billion people in the world. All of these people will have to be fed, clothed, housed and have jobs. Many people are poor, and don’t get enough food.


-what is it?
Variability among living organisms and the ecological systems.

-why is it important?
It helps maintain natural systems by enabling them to recover after a disturbance. It is the mainstay of agriculutural crops and medicines. It provides essential goods and services.

- Natural Resources

-renewable vs non-renewable – examples of each



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