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Decision Making Essay

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For this paper, I have chosen chapter 7 (Decision Making and Creativity) and to use key concepts from this chapter to explain a project which I was responsible for at work and how the outcome could have been executed with the use of these key concepts that I will discuss. The chapter’s definition of decision making is “the conscious process of making choices among alternatives with the intention of moving toward some desired state of affairs.” Decision making is used in our everyday lives, either at work or at home, we have to decide on what actions to take and live with the results from the actions we have chosen if they were a good decision or bad one. The “Rational Choice Paradigm of ...view middle of the document...

In my current job at Lieberman Management Services, I am a Senior Property Accountant in charge of 7 Property Accountants that perform varies financial/accounting duties for 240 condominium associations. When I first got hired on, my first task was to create a workflow that demonstrated how the processes flow thru the accounting department and recommend any inefficiencies (problems) that could be corrected to help stream line the department. This was a task that took me up to 1 month to complete. First, I had to meet with my boss (Director of Finance) to discuss what the objectives and outcomes he is expecting from this project. His direction was unclear and did not outlay the expectations, so without evaluating the outcome of the project, I decided to start by first overlooking the processes that our accountants do on a daily basis. My decision making process was not thought out precisely and I did not take the time to brainstorm on what would be a good starting point to understand our accounting process. I was unclear of the final result but still proceed with my observation. From weeks of observation working with the accountants, I felt that my understanding of our process was good and could remove some process and delegate some of the work for other accountants to focus on. I broke out the responsibilities to specific job duties for our accountants, without realizing the ramification of how the accountants would feel being only assigned to certain duties. I had 3 accountants work out cash flows, issues with Property Managers & Board of Directors, and month end reconciliations. The other 3 Accountants I removed them from their other duties and reassigned them to focus on vendor related issues, data retrieval, property taxes, auditors and preparation of our financial package to our clients. The last accountant I had reassigned was to handle all internal projects, preparation for year-end and work with our issues with our accounting system “Jenark”, which we had a lot of issues with. I needed someone to be an expert in this system, someone to know how to fix a problem with little time. Making all these decisions was the down fall of my accomplishments. I tried to focus my attention on solution-focused problems and reorganized the department from my past mental models I had in my head from past experiences with a different company not realizing this company has a different business model and goals, which were different because we were a non-for-profit organization.
When I meet with my boss, he was happy with the changes but never really took the time to understand the changes, why I made...

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